Tower Of God – Everything You Need To Know About Crunchyroll’s Original Anime Adaptation

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Tower Of God – Everything You Need To Know About Crunchyroll’s Original Anime Adaptation

Tower of God is pretty much the anime to be watching this spring. If you have been a fan of Tower of God before it became an anime when it was a manhwa (Korean for manga), then you know why it’s a must-see. But if you are new to the Tower of God hype train, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Unknown to many, the story that is Tower of God has been around since June 2010. It previously existed as a webcomic by Korean artist Lee Jong-Hui, otherwise known as S.I.U (Slave in Utero). As a webcomic, Tower of God’s run has been very successful, raking in over 4 billion views in the past 10 years. it is safe to say that success like that deserves to transcend ‘webcomic’ status to ‘anime’ status. Tower of God, although from a Korean artist, caught the attention of Japanese and has been adapted into an anime series.

Tower of God’s director, Takashi Sano is a legend in the anime world, having served as a key animator on Neon Genesis Evangelion. We are confident that he and the rest of the creative team will do justice to the Tower of God story.

The Tower of God anime series was released on April 1st 2019, and the first season will have a 13-episode run. So, if you haven’t seen it, you should.


Tower of God follows the story of a young man, Twenty-Fifth Bam on his journey through the Tower in search of the only friend and companion he ever had; Racheal. Bam and Racheal live below the Tower until Racheal decides to go the tower, ascend through its levels, and hopefully see the stars. Bam, not knowing how to live without Racheal by his side, decides to go to the Tower in search of her.

Bam’s journey through the tower is an eventful one with twists and turns along the way. We meet amazing characters that help us understand what the Tower is all about.


Speaking of the Tower, what exactly is it? Well, you can liken the Tower to the World itself. All life exists in the Tower or below it. The tower is divided into three sections; the Outer Tower which is the residential area, the Inner Tower, which can only be accessed by Regulars (more on that later). And the middle section which links the Inner and Outer sections of the Tower. The only way for one to enter the inner tower is to be chosen; Regular. However, some individuals can enter the tower without being chosen; Irregulars. Within the Tower, there are individuals of different species. We see a talking alligator, a reptilian-looking girl, people with horns, and different shades of skin color.

In order to ascend the floors of the Tower, Regulars will have to go through situations that test their strengths. They either pass or in most cases, die trying. You may be wondering, why would anyone want to ascend the floors of the Tower in the first place? Well, it is rumored that whoever gets to the top of the Tower (a Ranker) gets whatever he or she wants.

The only reason our protagonist Bam is in the Tower is to find his friend Racheal. As it turns out, things didn’t go the way he thought they would and he now has to fight his way up the Tower. On his way up, Bam has to join forces with other allies to help him achieve his goal.


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Twenty-fifth Bam

Bam is the main character whose story we follow as he enters the tower in search of his friend Racheal. Based on his ability to enter the Tower without been chosen, Bam is tagged an Irregular. As time goes on, Bam changes from the weakling he once was into a formidable fighter. Bam history and family background are a mystery. The only friend he remembers is Rachael.

Androssi Jahad

Androssi is another princess of Jahad, she hasn’t gotten to the top of the Tower so she isn’t a ‘Ranker’ but she is a strong Regular.


Rachael is another character shrouded in mystery. At the start of the series, all we know about her is that she was previously outside the Tower and decides to get to the top of the Tower, so she can see the stars.

Yuri Jahad

Yuri is a princess of Jahad; the ruler of the Tower. She was the first Ranker to display a keen interest in Bam, lending him one of her most precious weapons; a sword called Black March.

Khun Aguero Agnes

Khun is a member of one of the prestigious families of the Tower. He was however banished from his clan. His journey to the top of the Tower is all about redeeming himself. Bam, Khun, and Rak form an alliance early on in their Tower journey.

Rak Wraithraiser

Rak Wraithraiser is the talking alligator I referred to earlier on. He is big and mostly always deploys his strength before considering tactics.

Anaak Jahad

Anaak is another princess of Jahad. She is on her way to the top of the Tower. In Tower of God, Anaak has green skin and a tail, this is why Rak sometimes refers to her as ‘lizard’. Anaak also a formidable fighter wields a deadly green sword called Green April.

At first glance, Tower of God may seem like a love story between a girl and a boy, but dive deeper and it quickly becomes much more than that. It is more of an adventure series and bears a close resemblance to the beloved anime series, Hunter X Hunter. You could even draw clear parallels from some of the characters in Tower of God to some in Hunter X Hunter. Tower of God promises to be an action-packed adventure tackling themes of friendship, trust, and many more.

We hope you do take a look at Tower of God this Spring. Cheers.

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