Trigun Stampede: Don’t Sleep on This One

Trigun was a pretty popular anime back in the day. It is still largely popular because of its interesting take on the post-apocalyptic formula. In many ways, it feels inspired by the classic Sci-fi novel, Dune. I dont know if it actually inspired by it or not though, just an observation I made. Regardless, Trigun Stampede is a reboot of the now-classic Trigun anime. And it has been amazing so far.

So welcome to this combo between a mid-season review and first impressions article. Today, let’s talk about Trigun Stampede. As I said, this is a reboot, so you don’t need to watch the original anime to enjoy this. You can simply start watching this and still enjoy the story. I have to say, it feels good to see a modern reboot of a classic anime like this. Why? Well, that is what I will try to answer. So let’s get started.

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What do I think of Trigun Stampede so far?

Story and everything aside, I want to talk about the animations first. Because I am pretty positive that they will be the biggest point of contention. Trigun Stampede has a full CGI animation. And I have to say I am not the biggest fan of it. The action sequences and fights look really good, don’t get me wrong. The whole environment design looks awesome as hell.

Where this anime loses me are the facial expression. The expression and the faces in general look kind of “off”. And the art style doesn’t really sit well with me. So how I feel about it changes based on the scene…I suggest testing the waters with the animations a bit with an episode or two before fully committing to the anime if you dislike CGI. Other than this one thing though, it is kind of hard to find complaints about this anime.

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I have to say though, the voice acting is really well done too.

As for the story, I really hope there are more explanations down the line. I like the story so far but, it needs some explanations for it hit perfectly. For now, it feels like the anime was made assuming you have watched the original Trigun. Hopefully, though, this complaint will be addressed down the line. It is an interesting storyline for sure though, and it is really well-directed. The whole scene with Nai in episode 3 was so, so good. It is in scenes like that where the CGI shines. Still, I think the story alone is enough to make this anime worth checking out.


As things stand right now, I give Trigun Stampede a 7/10.Β This score would have definitely been higher if the CGI didn’t hurt me as much as it did. Because of how the facial expressions look, it sometimes takes away from the intensity of the scene. Other than that, I don’t really have any other major complaints. My 2nd complaint will be resolved as more episodes come out.

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Those were my thoughts and opinions on Trigun Stampede though. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. If you have watched the original anime, let me know which do you like better. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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