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nakata96x also humors fans occasionally with a quirky quote accompanying her art posts.

Uraraka is a fierce heroine on an amazing Anime?.  On the combat field, she is a determined strategist, a nimble mind fully capable of rushing into impulsive decisions you’ll regret facing ?. Often she’s your bubbly, cheerful, girl next door you’ll love to befriend ?.

For reasons such as these, we like to call Boku No Hero Academia’s pink protagonist Ochaco Uraraka a pretty dynamite character ?. She’s got large, round, thoughtful eyes ? on a face flanked by brown locks, as seen in this Uraraka art by @sam_wes_32. The artist’s use of white gel pens to bring out the welts in Uraraka’s shirt is commendable! In that crisp white shirt with teal epaulets and a red tie, Uraraka seems to be wondering about life and love ?.

~By: @sam_wes_32 on Instagram

By:  @tyr_dlbarrera on Instagram

No matter how many fanarts we see, we know there’s this one more side to Uraraka that none of us have seen yet?.

It’s the way you see her through your eyes as an anime artist?.

Is Uraraka lost in the thought of Deku?? If you’re following Boku No Hero Academia’s latest season, you’ll know what we’re talking about. In the 15th episode of the anime’s third season, fans had gone all gaga over Uraraka’s kawaii expressions ☺️.

Her heart has been feeling stirred up recently. Who is it beating for nowadays? We get our answer sooner than we’d expected. As she peeps out of the window and sees a practicing Deku, she blushes crimson red ?!

In this scene, Uraraka is clad in a simple t-shirt and shorts, something similar to what she’s wearing in @tyr_dlbarrera’s pencil art.  It’s a simple pencil drawing with just the right amount of detailing in her hair and her eyes. On a closer look, you’ll find @tyr_dlbarrera has perfectly nailed Uraraka’s bust to hip proportion?!

By: @alex_blasi_art on Instagram

This is Uraraka as your average teenage girl. Next, @alex_blasi_art shows us Uraraka’s warrior side?‍♀️. Over and above the acute detailing in her hair and her eyes, the artist has also worked hard on getting Uraraka’s costume right, complete with the detached sleeves, her belt, and her knee-high boots.

Clad in her skin-tight lavender black suit, we bet she’s thinking of her next move! Maybe she has activated her Zero Gravity quirk✨ , or so the lavender shards around her would have us believe.

~By: @kristinas_drawings03 on Instagram

It is almost like … You are scared, so you want to keep distance from him…

But wait! This is not it. Uraraka has so many facets to her personality (Cheerful, cute, chirpy?. Aggressive, fierce, impulsive?) that artists love to play around with her in their fanarts. @kristinas_drawings03 draws our beloved character in vivacious colors?, a reflection of Uraraka’s personality.

With some skillful use of water color pencils for the skin and a photo editing tool called PhotoDirector, this artist has turned Uraraka into a piece of artwork! You can almost witness a palatial sunset through her?!

Show us your own version of Uraraka. Let us know where we need to look for it in the comments section below?? !

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