Violet Evergarden, Beautiful As Always

I have no idea what to even call this article. It’s like that I am the Villainess article from last week but Violet Evergarden isn’t an underrated anime. So it doesn’t fit that category. I just rewatched the anime and I felt like talking about it, so here we are. Once you watch it, the anime stays with you. This is a really unforgettable anime. Even if you don’t like watching “sad” animes, I still recommend giving this a try.

So welcome to a rather random article. Today let’s take a look back at Violet Evergarden. Best anime produced by Netflix alongside Edgerunners. Netflix loves to ruin anime adaptations but, once in a while, they will strike gold like this or Edgerunners and it is an absolute joy. So let’s start right away.

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Violet Evergarden is based on the Light Novel of the same name by Akatsuki Kana and Takase Akiko. The Light Novel has 2 volumes and was serialized from December 2015 to December 2016. As for the anime, it is made by dear old Kyoto animation and has 13 episodes and a movie. There are 2 OVAs as well, bringing the episode total to 15. The OVAs aside, the movie is canon and is the ending of the series.


Violet Evergarden is set after a big war. A war orphan, who was used as a “weapon” during the war is trying her best to reincorporate into society. Her Major named her, you guessed it, Violet. She starts working at a post office owned by her Major’s friend and soon takes an interest in the job of a “doll”. Auto Memoir Dolls write letters for people as typewriters weren’t really common back then. She starts her job and slowly starts to understand what it means to “live” and what is “love”.

While Violet is absolutely beautiful and amazing, let's all just take a  moment and appreciate the other wonderful auto-memories dolls :  r/VioletEvergarden

The story is a heart-touching narrative of a kid who has only seen war growing up, trying to become “human”. The plot is deeply tied to Violet’s character development. The whole point of the plot is her growth over time. The story does a great job of showing the effects of war on people and those they care about.


Violet Evergarden features absolutely amazing character writing. Even characters you only see for a few episodes, like most of Violet’s clients are really well brought out. They get a proper background and everything. This story is pretty much carried by the characters. As I said, the progress of the story is tied to Violet’s growth as a character and it is executed in a really satisfying way.

Open The Sky — Violet Evergarden Cast Comments: Episode 3 ←...

Animations and Soundtracks

Hats off to Kyoto Animation. Violet Evergarden looks gorgeous. The visuals and the art style are absolutely breathtaking. Yes, the characters do feel a little stiff at times but, given how good the anime looks, you won’t even notice it. The same applies to the soundtracks, amazing soundtracks. The opening and ending themes are still engraved in my soul, I cannot bring myself to forget about them.


Man, all in all, Violet Evergarden is an easy 10/10 anime in my book. It is an anime I can never forget, it is a little hard to rewatch but it is beautiful. KyoAni is goated as always. That was a rather random article though, so let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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