Voice Actor Radio is Fun!

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  • Yuhi’s backstory and family dynamics add depth to her character, enhancing the viewer’s investment in her journey as a voice actress and idol.
  • While Yasumi’s persona divide is intriguing, her character could benefit from more exploration and growth, providing room for future arcs.
  • The interactions between Yuhi and Yasumi are a highlight, showcasing strong chemistry between the characters, bolstered by excellent voice acting.

I picked this series up on a friend’s recommendation. This wasn’t originally in my plans but I am happy that decided to check this out. Voice Actor Radio is an interesting concept, I don’t know if things like this happen for real in Japan too but again, I do like the concept and I think that it has a lot of potential. Aside from being just fun to watch, there are certain serious issues that this anime is trying to cover as well and so far, they are doing a good job at it.

So welcome back to yet another first impressions article and today we are talking about Voice Actor Radio. I watched all 3 currently available episodes of the anime and, yeah, I enjoyed it quite a bit. And I’d like to see where this series ends up going. So I wanted to highlight why I enjoyed it so much today, let’s get started.

What do I think of Voice Actor Radio so far?

First of all, despite the awkward bath scene, episode 3 overall was really good. We got to learn a lot more about Yuhi and her family situations. Yuhi was already an interesting character, she wasn’t really satisfied with how her career was going as she wanted to be a “true” voice actress. But once she started working with Yasumi, she started having a bit of fun as an idol as well. Episode 3 expanded quite a bit on her character, giving us the perspective of her mother on everything and all. I hope they continue making her character interesting like this.

Yasumi needs more character development though. For now, she is just a girl who likes her job and well, let’s just say there is a huge gap between her public/stage image and her real self. This could make for interesting development but they haven’t yet tackled it. And I do hope that she gets an arc to herself in the future. For now, though, her character is just decent.

That said, the interactions between her and Yuhi are always a blast to watch. Be it teasing each other or something genuinely serious, their chemistry is great and the voice actors did a fantastic job of portraying them.

The anime also seems to be building up a subplot with a stalker or something. Man, those kinds of sub-plots always bother me, especially after Oshi no Ko… Now that aside, the production of the anime overall is pretty good. The animations look a little funny at certain angles but I think that is by choice. The opening theme is pretty awesome though. Also yes, the ending for episode 3 was rough.

That is all for now!

So yeah, let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. Voice Actor Radio has a lot of potential and I would love to see future episodes fully explore the potential of both its main characters. It gets a solid 7/10 for now. With that said, see ya!

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