Was Rent A Girlfriend Always Bad?

Key points for Why Rent a Girlfriend is so bad?

  • Despite its extensive chapter count, “Rent a Girlfriend” fails to deliver significant character or plot development, maintaining a frustrating status quo throughout.
  • Initial promise in Season 1 gives way to a series marred by repetitive cycles and missed opportunities, leaving readers and viewers disillusioned.
  • The enduring popularity of “Rent a Girlfriend” prompts reflection on the anime and manga community’s taste, with a stark reminder of the gap between deserving and popular series.

Someone, please remind me why in the hell this has 3 whole seasons while a 100 other infinitely more deserving anime don’t even get a second one?! Someone said that Rent a Girlfriend should exist until the end of time as a reminder that we as a community made this garbage popular. You know, as a reminder of our failures and crimes. And I kind of have to agree. We as a community made this popular and we deserve everything we are getting now.

Dude, the top positive review of the manga you will see on MAL is a satire. That is how you know that this manga sucks. I know that a lot of people read Rent a Girlfriend as a “so bad it is good” type of thing but no, that is giving it too much credit. In my opinion, it is just frustrating. I usually don’t make content on things I hate but I have to do something with my frustration right now otherwise I will go crazy. So yeah, strap in.

What makes Rent a Girlfriend bad? Has it always been this way?

So this manga currently has more than 300 chapters. And it can easily go for another 100 the way things are right now. So let’s compare it to another weekly manga. Say what you will about Tokyo Revengers, it was a much better manga than this, which was over in 279 chapters, it was also published in the same magazine as RAG. The Quintessential Quintuplets, again a much better series than this from the same magazine, ended in 122 chapters. Heck, even Jujutsu Kaisen is only on chapter 256 right now.

And what happens in those 300++ chapters? Nothing. I mean that quite literally. Watch the first few episodes of the anime or read the manga till you get introduced to all the characters, skip ahead to the latest chapter, and aside from minor stuff, nothing will have changed. There is no character progression, there is no plot progression, and the characters are as flat as always. I’d argue Kazuya keeps getting worse and worse and the series keeps getting more frustrating because of it.

Look at this face, let it be burnt into your memory. Let it be a reminder of how we failed as a community. Come, share my suffering.

I can’t go into too much detail but I am sure you already heard about that one infamous chapter. Every time you think something is going to happen, the series drags itself back to the usual status quo like the events never even mattered. Every chapter more or less boils down to something happening, Kazuya having a mental breakdown about how good Chizuru is, and yadda yadda yadda, and then ends on a full profile sketch of Chizuru, because yes.

As for the 2nd question, the Season 1 portion of the series was fine. It had potential but it also had red flags warning us of things to come. We failed to see those red flags and here we are, stuck with this nightmare…

I am regretting my life decisions right now, help-

That is all for now…

Thank you for reading my 450-word rant about Rent a Girlfriend, I feel better after writing all this and I hope at least you enjoyed my suffering. I could honestly go on for a lot longer about how frustrating this series is but that wouldn’t be worth the effort on my part. So yeah, let me know what you think and I will take my leave here. See ya.

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