Whisper Me a Love Song Episode 1 was Cute

Key points for Whisper Me a Love Song First Impression:

  • Himari’s vibrant personality and the dynamic interactions between the band members create an engaging atmosphere right from the start.
  • The misunderstanding between Himari and Yori sets up an intriguing premise for their relationship, blending comedy with budding romance.
  • With a cute art style, catchy songs, and strong voice acting, Whisper Me a Love Song Episode 1 delivers on the production front, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the series.

This season doesn’t exactly have a lot of romance anime. Especially compared to the last season. But Whisper Me a Love Song was something I was looking forward to, I just watched Episode 1 and I was not disappointed. So far man, I love the vibe this anime is going for. Watching this episode immediately put me in a good mood. And it gave me some laughs while at it. If things continue like this, I can see this anime being among my favorites of the season.

So welcome back to another first impressions/episode review article. This once we are talking about Whisper Me a Love Song Episode 1. I really enjoyed this episode and I wanted to talk about it. So let’s just get right into it!

What do I think of Whisper Me a Love Song Episode 1?

I love how this episode opens with Himari being Himari, her expressive and upbeat personality immediately set the tone for the episode. She just got into high school and the welcome ceremony for the freshers has a band performance. Her friend wanted Himari to look at her sister, the bassist but well, someone else drew her attention away. The vocalist, Yori completely blew Himari’s mind away and she could not stop talking about how cool Yori was all day lol.

Himari tells Yori after school that she fell in “love at first sight” with Yori. Himari meant that as a fan but Yori actually fell in love with her. Well, this misunderstanding starts an odd friendship with Yori trying to get her feelings across to Himari.

First of all man, I loved the dynamics of the band members. The group complements each other perfectly and the scenes they were a part of were a blast. They were mostly teasing Yori about Himari but they still gave her some genuine advice. Loved those scenes.

Aside from that, the art style is cute and I adore the character designs so far, The colorful art style once again helps with the overall tone of this anime and I like it. I don’t know who is voicing Yori but they did a great job with the songs in this episode. The songs were really quite good. The voice work overall is great, the characters have great chemistry together and a lot of that is because of the voice work. The opening theme was pretty good as well. So no complaints as far as the production side of things is concerned.

That is all for now!

Again, I had a blast watching this episode. As I said earlier, if the series continues down this path, it may very well become one of my favorites from this season. Whisper Me a Love Song Episode 1 walks away with an easy 8/10. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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