Whisper me a Love Song More Details Revealed!

Key points for Whisper Me a Love Song news:

  • So, “Whisper Me a Love Song” is hitting screens in the spring of 2024, and we’re looking at an April release. Excited to see Seto Asami and Shimano Hana leading the cast, joined by the talents of Reina Ueda, Chika Anzai, and Koga Aoi.
  • Dive into your typical high-school romance with a musical twist! Yori’s post-band performance confession from underclassman Himari kicks off the story, revealing Himari’s love for Yori’s music and setting the stage for a unique romance.
  • Having read a few manga chapters, I’ve got to say, that “Whisper Me a Love Song” is genuinely sweet. The anticipation for the anime is real, especially with the stellar cast and the promising animation quality showcased in the PVs. Can’t wait for this one!

Not gonna lie, I got into this manga because a friend told me that it is like if Yui and Yukino from Oregairu started dating in a parallel universe lol. And yeah, sometimes that is exactly what this series feels like even though Himari and Yori are very different characters compared to Yui and Yukino. And you all know me. I have a weakness for cute romance animes. So even if I didn’t stumble onto the manga, Whisper Me a Love Song would’ve still caught my attention.

So welcome back to another news article. Whisper Me a Love Song revealed a bunch of new info. And of course, that is what we are here to talk about. I am pretty sure that I have covered this anime before as well. But I will include everything we know about it so far in this article anyway. So let’s get started right away!

What do we know about Whisper Me a Love Song Anime?

As announced earlier, this anime will be airing in the spring 2024 season. That said, we don’t have a confirmed release date yet, We only know that it will come out sometime in April. The anime will feature Seto Asami and Shimano Hana as the main duo. It will be made by Yokohama Animation Lab where it will be directed by Mano Akira. Mano Akira has previously worked on things like Initial D, Hunter x Hunter (2011), etc. It was recently announced that along with those two, Reina Ueda, Chika Anzai, and Koga Aoi will also be joining the cast.

As for the plot, it is a rather standard high-school romance plot with a bit of music involved. Yori, after a band performance gets confessed to by her underclassmen, Himari. Not sure what to do, Yori asks her friends for advice who just tease her, as friends do. But she decides to accept Himari’s confession only to find out that Himari loves her music instead. And you can guess how things go from there. We haven’t gotten a new trailer yet but the PV we got a while ago is pretty good, check it out here!

What do I think?

As I mentioned, I have read a bit of this manga. funnily enough, the anime was announced soon after I picked up his manga so I decided to stop reading and wait for the anime instead. I believe I have read 2 or 3 episodes worth of chapters and I adore how sweet this manga is. There are very few romance anime that I consider diabetes-inducing levels of sweetness and this is one of them. So yeah, goes without saying, I am looking forward to this. The cast looks amazing and if they maintain the animation quality of the PVs, the anime will look really good as well.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Whisper Me a Love Song should be a fun time for romance enjoyers like myself. With that said, I will take my leave here. I have to go vent my frustration on a certain someone in WWE 2K24. See ya!!

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