Whisper me a Love Song, More Details Revealed!

Key takeaways from Whisper me a Love Song news:

  • “Whisper me a Love Song” is an upcoming yuri anime based on the manga of the same name by Eku Takeshima.
  • The anime is set to be released in January 2024 and will be made by a new studio called Cloud Hearts, with a new director named Xinya Cai.
  • The main cast includes Seto Asami and Shimano Hana, and the supporting cast includes Mikako Komatsu, Konomi Kohara, Ai Kakuma, and Yuna Nemoto.

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I just talked about a banger yuri anime in the last article, Magical Revolution. Now we yuri fans have more content to enjoy. Granted there is a while till this anime comes out but, Whisper me a Love Song is looking to be the next big yuri anime. And from what I’ve heard, it is quite promising too. It will be a very different type of yuri anime compared to the other big ones in the genre like LycoReco, Lain, or Madoka. Since it is just a normal high school romance manga but yuri instead.

So welcome back to another news article, today we are talking about Whisper me a Love Song. An upcoming yuri anime that I am quite excited about. Not gonna lie, what grabbed me about this anime was the fact that the main couple looks like Yukino and Yui from Oregairu. But, let’s put that aside for now and talk about the news.

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What do we know about Whisper me a Love Song?

So this anime is based on the manga of the same name by Eku Takeshima. It has been published in the Comic Yuri Hime magazine since February 2019. Yesterday (16th March) we got quite a bit of info on its upcoming anime adaptation, of course, it is still very early so we don’t have a lot but we know enough. So starting off, the anime will be made by Cloud Hearts, which is a new studio. They literally have only 3 animes listed under their name on MAL.

The staff isn’t anything to write home about either, Xinya Cai, again another fairly new name in the industry will be directing the series. Now, the cast however is interesting. We have Seto Asami and Shimano Hana starring as the main duo and Mikako Komatsu, Konomi Kohara, Ai Kakuma, and Yuna Nemoto as the supporting cast. Sadly, we do not have a PV yet but, we should see one soon enough. Whisper me a Love Song is set to release in January 2024.

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What do I think?

So, I’ll be honest, plainly looking at the staff kinda makes me worried. New director, new studio, and all; now, I am not saying that they cannot make a good anime. I’d love them to prove me wrong, in fact. It just that a new director + a new studio combo is kind of worrying. Because we don’t have previous work to gauge them by.

Still, though, I really wish to see a good adaptation of Whisper me a Love Song and I wish the staff the very best of luck. The cast of the show is really good so I am hoping that we get to see a banger of a show whenever it drops. My biggest complaint is the fact that we have to wait almost a whole year to see this show. But hey, better late than never.


Well, that is it for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Now, despite my worries, I am quite a bit excited for Whisper me a Love Song because I am a yuri fan and I love seeing more animes in this genre. But, yeah that is all for now. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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