Wind Breaker Could Be Something Special

Key points for Wind Breaker First Impressions:

  • Wind Breaker’s first episode impressively sets up Haruka’s character arc, portraying his past struggles and his determination to rise above them in a new environment.
  • Despite the familiar dream sequence opening, the episode effectively establishes the setting of Furin City, its gang dynamics, and the potential for growth and change for the protagonist.
  • The animation quality, particularly during fight scenes, stands out, enhancing the viewing experience and showcasing CloverWorks’ skill in bringing action sequences to life.

I watched the first episode of Wind Breaker pretty randomly. And I have to say, I was quite impressed by how much the episode had to offer. If this is the route the anime ends up going in and it continues to put out episodes on par with episode 1, it could truly end up being something special. Episode 1 had a great plot set up and gave us a discernable character arc for our MC.

Again, I was genuinely impressed by how good the first episode of this anime was so I wanted to talk about it. So welcome back to another first impressions article. This once we are talking about Wind Breaker. And man do I hope this anime turns out to be as good as the first episode makes it out to be. So let’s talk about why the first episode was so damn good.

What do I think of Wind Breaker Episode 1?

I know that a story opening with a dream sequence is kind of overdone at this point. But here, the dream establishes what sort of life Haruka has had so far. And to be honest, I can understand why he would have nightmares about things like that. He had been treated like trash and ostracized his whole life because of how he looked. Everyone treated him like a criminal. Even when he tried to do something good, he was met with just hostility.

So he comes to this city called Furin which is known for gang wars and stuff and the school there is famous for its delinquents. He wants to become the top guy in Furin High School because fighting is all he has known his whole life. So when he decides to help a girl by beating up some thugs who were harassing her, he is genuinely taken aback by how kindly she treated him. Even some random old man he helped thanked him. Haruka has not experienced anything like this ever.

So yeah, the plot already gave us a character arc to follow for our MC. The first episode did a great job of showing us what Haruka has been through. And then by the end, we can also clearly see what we can expect from the anime going forward. And lastly, the animations were pretty awesome. The fights were really smooth and well-animated, god I love CloverWorks.

That is all for now!

So yeah, let me know what you guys think in the comments. Wind Breaker Episode 1 caught me off guard by how good it was. So I give it an easy 9/10. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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