Wind Breaker Episode 6 Was a Blast!

Article at a glance:

  • Wind Breaker excels in character development, particularly with its unconventional protagonist, Sakura, whose journey from ostracism to acceptance forms a compelling character arc.
  • The diverse and charismatic cast adds layers of humor and depth to the series, with standout characters like Suou stealing the spotlight in recent episodes.
  • Episode 6 showcases the series’ commitment to stunning animation and fight choreography, exemplified by the emotionally charged clash between Hiragi and Sako, setting high expectations for future episodes.

Wind Breaker as a whole has been quite impressive so far. Can’t believe that an anime I picked up on a whim turned out to be this good. I am kind of tired of making this comparison but it really does remind me of early Tokyo Revengers and I mean that in the best way possible. It is not as high stakes as Tokyo Revengers was but the story it has been telling so far has been good. And Wind Breaker Episode 6 was no different.

So yeah, episode 6 just dropped and there couldn’t be a more perfect time to do a mid-season review of Wind Breaker. Welcome back to another mid-season review, we are taking a look at Wind Breaker today, And again, this anime has been much better than my expectations so far so let’s talk about it.

What do I think of Wind Breaker so far?

We will get to episode 6 in a bit, first, let’s talk about how Wind Breaker has been so far in general. Good characters can get you invested in the most basic of plots. That is pretty much what’s happening in this series as well. Sakura is a very unorthodox MC for these kinds of anime. Yes, he is strong but he has been ostracized his whole life and now after coming to Furin, he is finally getting accepted by people. And it kind of creeps him out. He is not used to the acceptance the town is giving him. That is a pretty good idea for a character arc.

Sakura being a tsundere because of all the reasons I mentioned is quite funny as well. It leads to some hilarious interactions. And it is not just him. The whole cast of this show is quite charming in their own right. I can’t wait to see more of Umemiya and why he is so charismatic. But last week, we got a Suou-focused episode and he might be my new favorite character among the bunch now lol.

This week though they were hell-bent on showing off their animations. Hiragi vs. Sako was not only an emotional clash, but it was also probably the best animated fight in the show so far. Their movements were crisp and the slow-mo shots were cool as hell. Learning their backstory along with it just added more to the experience. I am so excited for next week’s episode too. Because next week, it is finally Sakura’s turn to fight.

That is all for now!

Wind Breaker has been a lot of fun so far. It is a pretty basic story but its awesome characters carry it well. Add a touch of good animations and fight choreography to that and you have got yourself a pretty good anime. I’d easily rate it an 8/10 right now. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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