Wind Breaker Episode 7 was Awesome! Best episodes!

Article at a glance:

  • Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc Episode 2: Focuses on Tomioka’s survivor’s guilt and his struggles with self-worth as the Water Hashira.
  • Ranger Reject Episode 6: Features intense action with D facing a high-ranking squad member, showcasing unpredictability and ending on a high note.
  • Kaiju No. 8 Episode 6: Delivers heavy and gore-filled action, highlighting Kafka’s growth and Mina’s strength, leaving anticipation for future developments.
  • Whisper Me a Love Song Episode 6: Sweet and heartfelt, Himari finally sorts out her feelings and starts dating Yori, while the band faces a new challenge.
  • KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 6: Wild and unhinged, Kazuma and Chris storm the castle for the body swap tool, filled with humor and action, setting a high bar for the season.
  • Wind Breaker Episode 7: Features the long-awaited clash between Sakura and Kame, impressive fight choreography, and a deeper look into Kame and Choji’s backstory.

Wow, this season is hell-bent on one-upping itself. I have been saying for the past two weeks that “this is the best week of the season so far” and “I don’t see how we are going to top this” only to be proven wrong. And well, I stand corrected once again. It’s not just Wind Breaker Episode 7; every anime I watched this week was on fire. Why have I been getting such amazing weeks of anime during my exams? T_T

Sound Euphonium Season 3 had an awesome episode this week, too. Seeing Natsuki again made my day. But even after that, I couldn’t fit that episode into this article. That should tell you all that you need to know about how good this week was for anime. And you know what’s crazy? Mushoku Tensei, an anime that has been on a roll lately was off this week. Episode 19 will be coming out next week instead.

So welcome back to another best episodes of the week article. Today we are taking a look at everything from Wind Breaker Episode 7 to Kaiju No. 8 Episode 6 to KonoSuba S3 Episode 6 to Ranger Rejecet.., You know what? Let’s just get started. Here are my favorite episodes of this week!

Demon Slayer: Hashira Training-arc Episode 2

I liked this episode a lot more than episode 1, Sure, episode 1 was fun and all but this episode was focused on one of my favorite characters in the series. And it dealt with a pretty heavy topic of survivor’s guilt. I understand why Tomioka feels like he doesn’t deserve to be the Water Hashira after what he has been through. My man couldn’t even see himself as someone who should even be standing next to the other Hashira despite his strength. And I can relate to that.

Also side note, while I do like Tanjiro, people like that are nightmares for us introverts lol.

Ranger Reject Episode 6

Well, this was quite the action-packed episode. And to be honest, I did not expect it to be this good. But in this episode, D was on some Kendrick Lamar with just how disrespectful he was. We know that D isn’t physically as strong as the high-ranking squad members but the exam he was facing (as Hibiki) required him to fight one face to face, So, we get an awesome action scene with an air of unpredictability to it and it was a joy to watch from the start to the finish.

And the episode ends on a perfect note too. It was awesome.

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 6

Another episode that felt really short lol. This week was full of those. You know an episode was good when you don’t realize when 20 minutes have passed watching them. I will not spoil the plot development at the end of the episode here. But the overall action in the episode was quite good. There is a certain sense of weight to the action in this anime and that was on full display here. Heavy and gore-y action, just what we want from a series like this, And again, Kafka puts his experience from his previous job to good use in this episode as well.

And as if to respond to his hard work, Mina showed him just how strong she is now as well. Great episode, can’t wait to see what happens between Kafka, Hoshina, and Mina in the future.

Whisper Me a Love Song Episode 6

Dear lord this episode was diabetic. This anime is cute in general but this episode really was too sweet for my heart. Well, Himari finally sorted out her feelings for Yori and gave her a proper answer. And while I do feel for Mizuguchi, it is nice to see Yori finally dating Himari just like she wanted to. I won’t tell you what happened at the end of the episode, but it was a nice surprise. And now that the relationship things are sorted out and going well, it looks like the band as a whole has a new issue,

I like it when romance anime do a confession scene when it makes sense just like this. And even aside from that fact, this episode was really fun.

KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 6

How does this anime keep getting more and more unhinged with each passing episode? Like this whole arc with Iris and the Capital has been wild. I am sad to see it end but at least it ended on this banger of an episode. Kazuma and Chris storm through the castle to get the tool that caused the whole body swap problem in the last episode. And well, Kazuma is busted for what he did lol but putting that aside, Kazuma and Chris going through the guards has to be some of the funniest stuff this anime has pulled.

Mitsurugis is disrespected once again. And Kazuma in the episode was completely unhinged, even more so than the previous episode in this season so far lol. One hell of an episode. The rest of the season has a high bar to live up to now.

Wind Breaker Episode 7

Again, I did not even realize when the episode was over. Finally, the long-awaited clash between Sakura and Kame is here and the fight did not disappoint. But like the previous episode, the fight was not the only thing going for this episode. We learned the backstory of Kame and Choji and how they became the top of their gang. I still do not understand Choji’s character but this episode gave me a newfound respect for Kame’s character. Yes, he is way too brutal on his gang members but there is a reason for it.

And finally, the fight between Kame and Sakura was every bit worth the wait. It did not conclude in this episode and I love the fact that the final result of the fight is still up in the air. And yet again, the fight choreography and the smoothness of the animations in Wind Breaker continue to impress me, Episode 7 was awesome.

That is all for now!

Well, those were all my favorite episodes from this week. And what a week it was. It is quite late at night and I still have an exam tomorrow so I will keep this short. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, And I will see ya later!

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