Wind Breaker Episode 9 Was Perfect! Best episodes of the Week!

Article at a glance:

  • Wind Breaker Episode 9: Umemiya’s fight with Choji showcases intense action, character development, and standout animation, making it a near-perfect episode.
  • Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc Episode 4: Tokito’s focus episode with stunning fights and animation by UFOTable, highlighting his relationship with Tanjiro.
  • Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 20: Paul and Rudy’s reunion is emotionally impactful, with plot progression rooted in established storylines and teleportation themes.
  • KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 9: A more action-focused episode where Kazuma and the party, with town adventurers’ help, finally defeat the Hydra, setting up future events.
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 Episode 9: Diablo’s entertaining confrontation with the Demon Hunters and Holy Knights, leading to a promising setup for the Seven Days Clergy’s defeat.
  • Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8: Hoshina vs. Kaiju Kafka delivers thrilling action, with Kafka’s new status as a full-time force member and his dynamic with Kikoru being highlights.

And man, what a week it was. I thought there was no “big” episode this week, but I put 6 episodes on the list instead of the usual 5, which is quite something. So yeah, this week was quite good, just a little tamer compared to the constant barrage of the past few weeks. But man, my favorite episode from this week has to be Wind Breaker Episode 9. That was a near-perfect episode. Everything about that episode just felt right.

Another episode I unexpectedly loved was Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc Episode 4. We all knew this week’s Kaiju No. 8 and it delivered. This week’s KonoSuba episode was interesting as well. And lastly, I also talked about it in a separate article, but Slime Season 3 is finally starting to get good. We did have one unfortunate news this week though, Whisper me a Love Song is delayed for 2 weeks. And uh sadly, its episode for this week was quite meh.

Putting that aside, welcome back to another edition of our Best Episodes of the Week series! So let’s talk about everything from Wind Breaker Episode 9 to Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 20. Here are my favorite episodes of the week!

Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc Episode 4

I did not expect to enjoy this episode as much as I did and funnily enough, unlike the previous episodes, Tanjiro almost wasn’t even the episode’s main focus. This was Tokito’s episode through and through. His fight with Sanemi and Iguro was just incredible. UFOTable showed off their animation skills again and the music they picked for it was awesome as well. It was filled with a bunch of nice character work as well. Tokito opening up to others others aside from Tanjiro was quite well done.

There were multiple moments in the episodes showcasing how close Tokito is to Tanjiro compared to the others lol. Now, next week we will have the Mitsuri focus episode. You know that is going to be fun lol, I am excited.

Mushoku Tensei Season Episode 20

Man, it felt good to see Paul again. He is not down in the gutter like he was in Season 1’s 2nd half but it was clear that the repeated failed attempts to rescue Zenith were getting to him. I love how there is a visible shift in his demeanor after Rudy arrives and has some crucial info to make getting through the Labyrinth easier. See, this is why I like Mushoku Tensei. Because of multiple reasons and thanks to Nanahoshi, Rudy was already interested in teleportation. So of course, he had something that could help in a Labyrinth full of teleportation circles.

No contrivances, building upon previously established plot points. This is what I like to see. But putting all that aside man, the main draw of this episode for me was Paul and Rudy’s relationship. I am quite close with my father as well so seeing those two together always puts a smile on my face.

KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 9

This episode was a lot tamer compared to how unhinged the previous episodes had been. Yes, it was still fun as hell just that the comedy was pulled back a little in favor of giving us some more action. So, with a little help from the adventurers of the town, Kazuma and the party are finally able to beat the Hydra. And, before that, while they were waiting for the weather to clear up, Megumim and Darkness went to blast it with Explosion magic, every day in heavy rain lol.

There were some really funny moments in this episode but this episode was more focused on the action and the setup for the next episode. And I am quite curious about the next episode now. Since we saw how desperate Darkness was to beat the Hydra.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season3 Episode 9

Diablo was entertaining as hell to watch in this episode. He knew it was his time to shine and he took the opportunity and then some. He insulted the hell out of the “Demon Hunters” hired by Edward. And then he turned his attention to the Holy Knights. And you can guess what happened. I love how he gave multiple warnings to Edward but he didn’t listen and then made the mistake of insulting Rimuru in front of Diablo. And then we see the Seven Days Clergy drop by to mess with things here as well just like they did with Rimuru in the last episode.

You just know that the Seven Days Clergy is about to get owned in the next episode and it will be satisfying as well to watch.

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 8

Man Hoshina vs. Kaiju Kafka was fun. Kaiju Kafka was mostly getting pushed around by Hoshina because he didn’t want to kill him and was only focusing on running away. Even when Kaiju Kafka had a chance, he just attacked Hoshina’s weapon and ran away. I like how Hoshina also instantly picked up this oddity as a normal Kaiju would just go for the kill. Moving on from that, we learn that Kafka is also now a full-time member of the force. He is no longer a cadet and this was because of Hoshina’s recommendation too.

Also, another highlight of this episode for me was Kikoru and Kafka’s dynamic. Whenever they’re together on screen, it is always fun. Also, the cliffhanger was epic.

Wind Breaker Episode 9

Wind Breaker is one of the most surprising from this season and episode 9 was another example of why that is. We all knew that the fight between Umemiya and Choji was going to be awesome. And it still surprised me. Umemiya refused to back down. He forced Choji to retrospect on his actions as he was punching the hell out of him. Choji tried to fight him off, he tried to run away from the responsibility once again, blaming everyone but himself. And when all was said and done, Umemiya did the most Umemiya thing ever.

The fight. the character development and the animations were all an highlight of this awesome episode. I don’t know who voices Umemiya but the voice actor contributes a lot to Umemiya’s charisma and screen presence. Awesome episode.

That is all for now!

So those were my favorite episodes from this week. Let me know what you guys enjoyed this week. And I will take my leave here. It is late at night and I am very sleepy. Good night and see ya!

Also, check out the details on Whisper Me a Love Song episode delays here!

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