Wistonia: Wand and Sword is Literally Just Mashle

Aritcle at a glance:

  • Mashle Comparisons: Both protagonists can’t use magic and compensate with physical abilities, but Will lacks Mash’s character appeal.
  • Character Dynamics: Will’s relationship with his teacher showcases supportive yet critical interactions, enhancing character development.
  • High-Quality Animation: The collaboration between Bandai Namco Pictures and Actas delivers surprisingly good animation, boosting the anime’s visual appeal.

This anime is such a mixed bag. I did have fun watching Wistonia: Wand and Sword Episode 1. But the similarities to Mashle are so obvious. And the whole anime feels a little generic as of now. But again, I cannot call it bad because I did enjoy the episode and there are a few redeeming qualities here. So how am I supposed to treat this episode? I guess calling it “mediocre” would be the best description. And no, “mid” doesn’t mean “bad”. People need to get over that misconception.

So welcome back to yet another first impressions article. There will be a whole bunch of these coming up next week as well as I get through all the new Summer anime so stay tuned. But I digress, today we are talking about Wistonia: Wand and Sword. So let’s get started right away.

What did I think of Wistonia: Wand and Sword Episode 1?

Let’s get the Mashle comparisons out of the way first. Both Mash and Will can’t use magic in a world where magic is everything. Both of them aim to achieve a particular position which you normally can only achieve through magic. And lastly, both of them are physically gifted to compensate for their lack of magical abilities. The only two differences are that Will’s lack of magical ability is common knowledge and he is bullied because of it and Will isn’t as interesting of a character as Mash.

Despite these similarities, I had fun with this episode. I know I just dissed Will two sentences ago but this episode does do a good job of setting up what kind of person he is. And his interactions with her teacher were quite awesome as well. I love how confident he is in Will’s abilities and yet he still gets mad when Will does something reckless. That’s true parent behavior right there. And while he supports Will, he is also very blunt when it comes to his grades. I like their dynamic.

The other redeeming quality of this anime are the animations. The animations are surprisingly good. I just looked up who is working on this anime and it is partially made by Bandai Namco Pictures in collaboration with Actas. Those are two good studios. And Bandai Namco Picture pretty much means Sunrise so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by how good the animations look.

That is all for now!

So while I may have sounded a little negative there, trust me, I had fun watching this episode. Just that there are things I cannot overlook. For now, I give Wistonia: Wand and Sword a 6.5/10 but there is every chance that this rating will increase over time. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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