WIT Studio’s New Original Anime Looks Very “Different”

WIT Studio is one of the most famous and well-regarded studios in the anime community. They have consistently delivered us with awesome anime from AoT to Vivy and from Vinland Saga to Owari no Seraph; they have done a lot of awesome anime. Their track record with original anime has been fairly good too and now they have announced this new original anime called Onipan…

Onipan looks very “different” let’s just say… from what WIT studio usually does. I…I have no idea what lead them to make this anime or where did the idea for this came but ok. It is WIT studio here, so I am pretty certain they know what they’re doing. Well, let’s talk about the details of the anime first. I’ll continue my thoughts in the “Expectations” section below.

What do we know about Onipan so far?

Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions opened an official website for Onipan on Thursday (3rd Feb), listing different details regarding the anime. They revealed the first key visual, main staff & cast, and the first teaser PV. Onipan is set to release in the spring season of this year. You can check out the teaser PV here.

Onipan’s creator and supervisor is Norihiro Naganuma. He also directed Mahoutsukai no Yome before this so I am very curious what made him think of an anime like this. The director of the series is Masahiko Oota. He has been the director of a lot of different series, the most famous one among them probably being Umaru-chan. He has also worked on the storyboard of To Love-Ru. This somewhat tells us what can we expect from Onipan.


Ok, how do I say this? I can’t clarify the meaning of Onipan here…just watch the PV, if you know a little Japanese, you’ll know what Onipan means. I am very scared of letting out my expectations of this anime. To be fully honest, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to this type of anime at all normally if it didn’t have WIT studio and Norihiro Naganuma’s name attached to it. Those 2 names give some weight to this otherwise average-looking anime.

Wit Studio Announces Onipan Original Anime - Anime Corner

Onipan is so far from what WIT studio usually does (even in terms of animations) that I cannot help but think that this anime should have something more than what appears. I mean there has to be something different about this because the WIT studio I know does not do stuff like this. Even if the anime does go in the direction I am thinking, it still won’t even be a cash-grab. So there has to be something more than this man.

My mind is very conflicted about Onipan, I cannot decide how I feel about it. I will give it a try just out of my respect for WIT Studio. So fingers crossed, I hope I am right and there is something more to this than just cute stuff and the other thing…

New Original Anime, Onipan Announced: All To Know About it - OtakuKart


Well, that is all for now. I’d like to hear your thoughts on Onipan down in the comments. I have no idea how is this anime going to be. But, we will see soon enough. Also, did you know Shenmue is getting an anime? Well, check out everything we know about it here. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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