Wotakoi Manga to end Soon, New OVA Announced!

Wotakoi Manga to end Soon, New OVA Announced!

Wotakoi is one of the best RomCom anime and one of the rare non-isekai anime to have an Otaku MC. Personally, I am a huge fan of this anime. I really wanted a season 2 for it but hey, at least we are getting an OVA as a sequel. Wotakoi is easily one of the funniest anime I have ever watched, what makes it even better is the fact that even touches on the serious parts of a relationship.

Wotakoi was 11 episode anime with a 2 episode OVA following it. Sadly the manga is ending soon, so lets us get started

About the Manga

The author Fujita announced on his Twitter on Friday (18th June) that Wotakoi will end on 16th July. The 60th chapter will be the last. It will be released Pixiv’s Comic POOL. As for volumes, the 11th volume will be the last and the OVA will also be shipped with the last volume on October 11th.

Fujita began writing Wotakoi on Pixiv back in April 2014. Its first volume was published in April 2015. It’s been serialized in Pixiv’s digital magazine Comic POOL since November 2015. As I said earlier it is one of the best RomCom manga/anime and I love this series. I am really sad that the manga is ending at the same time I can’t help but be excited about the ending. Now moving on to

What do we know about the OVA?

The OVA will of course be a sequel to the series and the previous OVA. The original anime was 11 episodes followed by 2 episodes of OVA, we don’t know how long this OVA yet. As I said earlier, this OVA will be bundled with the last volume of the Manga meaning it will come out in November.

As for the story, it will cover the Employee Trip arc from the 6th Volume of the Manga. Like the last PVA, this one will also be animated by Lapin Track and the staff will be the same. Also, all of our beloved cast members are reprising their roles. Finally, moving on to


I have no idea what to say here except for the fact that I can’t wait for the last chapter and the OVA. I am really curious to see how the manga will end. Will it be a serious ending or will be funny? The ending may even get us to shed a tear or two. As I said earlier, while I am sad that the manga is ending I can’t help but look forward to the ending.

As for the OVA, I know that arc. It is going to be really fun I promise. Even if the animations are not great, this anime is really worth watching. Really excited for the OVA as well!


Well, that is all I have for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. A really good manga is coming to an end guys, let’s enjoy the finale together. As always stay tuned for more content and do not forget to check our awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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