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I just watched episode 11 of Yuusha Yamemasu… and man, wow is all I can say. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that what started as a light-hearted comedy would end up like this. This anime went from being plain and simple fun to something that will stay on my for a while. The last few episodes have been heavy af and they were really well done. This anime is definitely one of my top 5 from this season now.

So well, welcome back to another one of my reviews, today we are talking about Yuusha Yamemasu. This unassuming-looking anime is much deeper than you’d imagine. It is literally like come for the comedy and stay for the depth. So let’s get into some more details here. Of course, I will keep everything spoiler-free because the shock factor is really important in the 2nd half of the series.

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Yuusha Yamemasu follows Leo, the hero who defeated the Demon King. Now that the Demon King is gone, people started treating him like their enemy because of how absurdly strong he is. So apparently disappointed by this betrayal by the humans, he goes to the Demon King and joins her army “to destroy humans”. He helps them in a lot of different ways but the series takes a sharp turn when Leo’s past is explored.

As I said earlier, Yuusha Yamemasu starts off as a simple fantasy comedy with a “perfect” MC. The series turns really dark soon though, Leo’s past and his true objectives are just…The second ending theme encompasses the feels of the last few episodes perfectly. The series has some really good world-building too. They gave us a full timeline of all the stuff that happened thanks to Leo’s flashbacks/memories.

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Leo easily takes the win here man. He starts off as a seemingly “perfect” character but, as his past and goals are revealed we come to understand how flawed he is. He has been through a lot and he struggles a lot to keep up with some things. He is such a well-written character and Giorno Giovanna Kensho Ono nailed his voice performance too. Oh, and of course, Echidna deserves her flowers too; again great performance by Kaede Hondo. Yuusha Yamemasu has some really memorable characters for sure.

Animations and Soundtracks

Yuusha Yamemasu has pretty good animations. They are not god-tier but, the art style selection and decent budget make them look really good nonetheless. I like how the art style shifts slightly when the series stuff is going on. The direction is really well done too. Aside from that, I love the idea of having 2 different ending themes to represent the tone shift of the series. Both the ending themes are great and the opening theme is awesome.

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Well, here are my final scores for Yuusha Yamemasu:

  • Plot – 9/10
  • Characters – 9/10
  • Animations – 8/10
  • Soundtracks – 8/10
  • Enjoyment – 9/10
  • Depression after episode 11 – 10/10
  • Overall – 9/10

Well, that is all for now. Those were my views on Yuusha Yamemasu. I tried to keep it as spoiler-free as possible for obvious reasons. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I think this is a great anime and that more people should check it out. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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