Anime Artists on Instagram – The Top Artists you should be following

Anime Artists on Instagram – The Top Artists you should be following

Anime artists have continuously produced fresh work.

While some of it seems to be about uniquely presenting their favorite anime.Others are a blast of colors straight from the rainbow. Whatever be their talent, these artists are already giving us enough reasons to watch out for them this year.

In no particular order, here are our picks for the top anime artists. You would want to keep a close eye on.

1. @friky_draws

~ Izuku Midoriya

By: @friky_draws on Instagram

Friky has alot of “fries” (an adorable term she uses for her followers) on Instagram.  She bears the quirky knack of taking your everyday anime character. And converting it into something so spellbinding, that you are left astounded. Be it reflecting human emotions in anime eyes or bringing out both the anime protagonist and the antagonist in the same frame. Friky never fails to amaze you. Follow her for the originality she exhibits in everything she touches here.

2. @rozenberry

~ lolita

By: @rozenberry on Instagram

@rozenberry’s art is as cute as her Instagram handle! She draws these little doll-like girls (and sometimes guys) with tiny feet and tiny hands on a petite body. And their round eyes on a cute little face surrounded by tassels. Though she sticks to pastel shades of pink, blue, and purple for coloring. She is extremely creative with their expressions and settings! Follow the face behind such cute faces, Sabrina Bouchami, for your daily dose of kawaii here.

3. @yoake.chan

~ Nejire! ?

By: @yoake.chan on Instagram

One of the youngest self-taught artists on the block, @yoake.chan exhibits some fine level of shading for her age and experience. In some of her recent artworks, all her shading strokes are so fine, you fail to pick a flaw even if you look very closely. All this finesse in pencil is topped with some of the most colorfully animated eyes you’ve ever seen, right from green to yellow and even red! Like we’ve already said, Yoake seems to have mastered the art of shading towards the end of 2018. You can expect some fine shading masterpieces previously unheard of from such a young artist coming your way in 2019! Catch them here on her Instagram page 

4. @david_._freeman

~ Naruto

By: @david_._freeman on Instagram

It is one thing to draw an anime character. But to sketch an entire scene from an anime is some otherworldly boon that artist David Freeman has been blessed with.
Having mastered basic anime characters not long ago, this artist from Milan brings to life your favorite anime moments through his drawings. His recent drawing depicting a famous scene from the anime “One Piece” leaves everyone who casts a look at it speechless.

Perhaps it is reaching such celestial levels of anime art that have empowered David to create his manga titled “Human Race-Mac”. You can read it here.

You better follow him on Instagram because going by his progress, his work is only going to get more surreal!

5. @artensya

 ~ ?Deidara?

By: @artensya on Instagram

Are you a Naruto fan? Then you’ll love @artensya! This Japanese anime artist draws a lot of Naruto. But don’t you get carried away by his perfection in crafting Naruto characters yet. Wait till you observe his shading skills. Upon a closer look, you’ll find his artwork filled with shading so fine. It looks as if it is done digitally in black and white. All the light areas are perfectly balanced too. @artensya has quite a collection of Naruto-themed sketches to show you on her Instagram art page.

6. @arthurrphil 

 ~ ?Madara – Hashirama? Naruto Ninja Blazing

By: @arthurrphil on Instagram

@arthurrphil or Arthur Philippe is a professional graphic designer based in France. His “stories” themed artwork is quite popular in the anime art circles across Instagram. An original idea, Arthur’s “Stories” are anime posters, combining the best of an anime or an anime character as a cluster in a single frame. His spellbinding filling with pencil colors complements his unique idea. Needless to say, the end product is an unparalleled professional art people can’t help but want it for themselves. Take a look at @arthurrphil’s popular anime stories on his Instagram page.

7. @mahida_asheeen

~ Saitama 

By: @mahdia_ahseeen on Instagram

Mahdia Asheen is an outlier amongst anime artists that specialize in sketches. As opposed to most artists who choose finer and smoother shading. This Bangladeshi anime artist chooses to dabble in course, uneven patterns when filling her artwork with a pencil. This style of shading yields a texture to her drawings. If you want to see how it is done, check out this artist’s page!

8. @akagami_shara

~ Demon Asta ??

By: @akagami_shara on Instagram

For every anime artist bent towards drawing anime girls, there’s an anime artist that is biased towards anime guys, @akagami_shara is one of them. Deku, Todoroki, Natsu, she has drawn at least a dozen of them. Wild hair flying, the adrenaline rush of a supple youth apparent in their eyes. And she justifies their wild, vivid colors equally well with the finesse with which she fills them up using her favorite tools: copics and color pencils. Watch this artist’s take on her favorite anime boys here.

9. @ss_art1

~ Princess Charlotte? Violet Evergarden

By: @ss_art1 on Instagram

SS or Suraj is an anime artist from India. From his Instagram wall, it seems that he once adored Goku and other Dragon Ball Z characters so much, that he went on their drawing spree. However, as his artwork blossomed, he quickly turned to anime girls for inspiration! Long and slender with thin waists, long legs, and long, flowing hair. Suraj leaves no stone unturned, be it in his drawing or in his coloring, to make these lasses jump straight out of our dreams into the realities of his canvass! Take a look at Suraj’s rendition of anime’s lady lasses here.


As you can see, each of these anime artists is good at some anime art trait and polish it with regular practice.
Are you an anime artist too? What special touch do you add to your anime art? Let us know and we’ll make sure your name joins this list!


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