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Mahdia ahseen

The anime “Attack on Titan” has robbed quite a few anime-endearing hearts ever since it started
airing back in 2013. With the second part of its Season 3 approaching an unmissable showdown,
there was never a better time to talk about this anime.

Based on the manga by Hajime Isayama, “Attack on Titan” tells the story of humans waging a
war against colossal, hungry monsters called “Titans”. The anime commences in a time when
humans seek shelter within massive walls that guard them against the Titans. Things take a dirty
turn when these walls are broken into and torn across when one of them manages to break
through these walls, inviting a slew of other Titans to follow. In the carnage that follows, soldier
Eren Jaeger witnesses his mother being devoured by a Titan and vows to seek revenge against
every Titan on the face of the earth.

Everything else that follows circles around Eren’s revenge (I would reword this). Eren is the
central element to “Attack on Titan’s” storyline. Without giving away much of the storyline, here
is Eren against the backdrop of his larger Titan form. The artist @_infinity.draw_ does justice to
both Eren’s vengeful expressions as well as the Titan’s ruthless roar in his art. The parallel line
art used to fill portions of Eren and his Titan’s hair is simply amazing mesmerizing and exhibit
utter perfection.

~ the attack titan.??

By: @_infinity.draw_ on Instagram

In his path to vengeance, Eren’s character development happens across many layers which one
can connect to. His friendship with Armin and Mikasa is especially heartwarming to see. This
artwork of the trio by @otidraws is as colorful as their budding friendship! The warm colors in
the artwork bring out the warmth in the characters’ friendship[.

~ otaku

By: @otidraws on Instagram

Both of Eren’s closest friendships are endearing to watch, but fans drool especially over
Mikasa’s chemistry with Eren. She’s been by side ever since he saved her and now she’s an
inseparable part of Eren’s life. Mikasa’s character itself has great depth to it. She has been
plagued by an unsettling past and is one of the best soldiers on the block now. So much so that
only a celestial pencil art such as this one by @anurag_and_pencils can do justice to her
composed-from-outside yet raging-within character.

The eyes on her clearly convey a world of
emotions and the complex style of shading adapted here simply takes your breath away.
But like every famous and appreciated anime, “Attack on Titan” doesn’t just focus on Eren. In
fact, the story branches off across many smaller storylines with multiple characters embodying
character depths in varying degrees at the heart of each one of them. One such character is Annie

~ Mikasa

By: @anurag_and_pencil on Instagram

Annie is known for her ability to deceive and her intimidating death-stares. For an anime that is
notorious for its gore, such a character indisputably occupies an inevitable position in the

storyline. If you want to put together Annie into one picture, it will be this sketch of hers by
@siksketch. The death stare that we’re talking about is almost palpable in this art and yet the
linework doesn’t fail to highlight the elements of feminine beauty in her: her sharp jawline,
pretty eyes, and the unkempt tassels of her hair.

~ Annie Lenhardt

By: @siksketch on Instagram

Annie, a pro with swords and unarmed combat, also possesses the ability to transform herself
into what is known as the Female Titan. This is Annie in her Titan form as put to paper by
@mahdia_ahseeen. The artist’s rendition of the Female Titan is as flawless as it can get on
paper, and the line-shading, as well as the body proportions, are impeccable.

~ Annie Leonhart, she’s still my favorite titan form

By: @mahdia_ahseeen on Instagram

One of the other notable characters that resonate with the show’s dark theme is Levi Ackerman.
Levi, a ruthless squad captain in the Survey Corps (front line soldiers fighting against the Titans)
is as fierce and powerful on the battlefield as calm and detached he is off it. He doesn’t even bat
an eyelid before he takes down two Titans on his own and yet when the possibility that Titans
could be humans once surfaces, he can’t help but feel sorry for the fact that he might be killing
what were once humans. Since Levi is more action and less words, we will let this Levi art by
@mika_nakashi speak for itself. Levi’s Survey Corps uniform has been shaded to the last corner
in all the right shades of grey. The expression in his eyes brings out the character we’ve just

~ leviackerman 

By: @majd_hwarin_art on Instagram

The irony in Levi’s character and his dapper looks makes him one of the most sought after
characters in the anime. Hence, we give you yet another opportunity to swoon over him with this
3D Levi art by @patart9. @patart9’s works are known for his 3D-on-2D style of drawing and he
beautifully brings out our beloved character in his unique style. Here, Levi is seen donning his
vertical maneuvering equipment. The 3D effect to the drawing makes it appear as if Levi is
hanging from a rope tethered to the surface of the paper.

~ 3D Levi Ackerman ?

By: @patart9 on Instagram

You will get to meet these and a plethora of other exceptionally well-written characters in the
anime. Hop on board right now and if you watch fast enough, you’ll be able to catch the much-
looked-forward-to Season 3 climax soon! There is a high chance you’ll fall in love with more
than one of these characters,and if you’re an anime artist, be eager to put your favorite “Attack
on Titan” character to paper. Do show us your anime art skills by dropping us a message in the
comments section below!
Anime “Attack on Titan” can be streamed on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW.


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