Ignite Spotlight: Izuku Midoriya


Ignite Spotlight: Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya is the apple of everyone’s eyes.

He’s your quintessential protagonist with big, round eyes staring at the world in wonderment. Fated to live powerless in an otherwise versatile, powerful world of quirks, he is each of us who have to work hard to prove their worth every day. Unlike the “lucky” ones we so loathe who’ve been bestowed with privileges unlike us.

~ midoriyaizuku

By: @majd_hwarin_art on Instagram

Izuku Midoriya happens to be the most popular character of one of the most beloved contemporary anime My Hero Academia. As My Hero Academia makes a much-awaited comeback for its fourth season this October. We place the spotlight on the anime boy who has stolen quite a few hearts ever since the show started airing back in 2016.

~ Nana Shimura, Deku & All might/Boku no hero academia

By: @mikanndraws on Instagram

Back then during the first season, Midoriya struggled hard to control his powers. Sure his favorite superhero considered him more than worthy to pass down his powerful One-For-All quirk to a little-green-haired boy. Continuing the lineage that has gone down through six One-For-All users through the years.

In this art by @mikanndraws, we can see the latest trifecta of this lineage: Nana Shimura (All Might’s teacher), All Might himself, and our Deku. It sure is an intensely unique way of presenting two generations of the teachers and the taught in one frame!

The spotlight is focused on our beloved Midoriya, of course.

~ Midoriya ? 

By: @miao_draws on Instagram

Back then, his SMASH! the attack was sure fun to watch! In this art by @miao_draws, we can see Midoriya gearing up for a smash. Using fine lines, the artist has built up the momentum for the action quite well using the Sakura Pigma Micron 001. We also remember how weak it made him, making him realize that great power comes with great responsibilities too.

~ Izuku Midoriya from Boku no Hero Academia ? 

By: @pixelated.sensei on Instagram

Do you remember Midoriya’s arm jerks that were ever so common in the initial episodes after he tried using his Smash? This art by @pixelated.sensei brings to life that exact moment. The moment when little Midoriya put all his might into that one move. So much so that it shook him from head to toe.

The intense look captured in Midoriya’s eyes makes the art resonate with energy!

~ Deku sketches ?

By: @art_by_mery on Instagram

But of course, over the course of three seasons, we’ve watched the large-eyed broccoli boy growup and fight some terrifying bad men. @art_by_mery presents to you Deku through the seasons, a part of his “Sketches” series where she projects anime characters through the seasons in a single art. The detailing in Deku’s hair and other aspects of his appearance is simply amazing here, not to mention the fine pencil shading itself!

~ Midoriya Izuku ?

By: @chicken__draws on Instagram

A grown-up Midoriya is slowly learning to control his quirk better. This scintillating art by @chicken__draws showcases the grown-up Midoriya in action. In a uniquely skilled way, the artist has used blurred lines to impart motion to our character. The character has been made to appear as if he is looking over his shoulder. A unique perspective indeed.

~ Midoriya Izuku ?

By: @bunny.art.manga on Instagram

It is not only fun to watch Midoriya fight the bad boys, but watching him rescue the unarmed also makes our hearts soar! @bunny.art.manga recreates the scene wherein Midoriya rescues little Eri from the bad guys. Notice the bright green sparks flaring out of Midoriya, giving him an intense and a powerful look. A stark contrast to the terrifying and meek Eri hiding behind him.

That look is the one we so often see on his face when he is determined to beat the pulp out of the bad boys!

~ Izuku Midoriya – Boku no Hero Academia (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) 

By: @cyberpizzademon on Instagram

An extreme version of Midoriya’s badass look is part of this magnificent and majestic piece of art by @cyberpizzademon. He created this to commemorate 10k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Everything, from the level of pigmented richness to the expression on Midoriya’s face is supremely great. The kaleidoscopic blue and green in the background too are a class apart, making this one of the best Izuku Midoriya fan arts on Instagram!!

~ Midoriya Izuku ?

By: @jafnaillustrations on Instagram

Have all of those Midoriya artworks fired you up to create a rendition of your own? Our artist @jafnaillustrations has managed to create this ruggedly accurate Midoriya art. They are using color pencils on a humble piece of notebook paper in just an hour! If you love the character and love drawing enough, it doesn’t take much time to put your favorite anime characters to paper. Our artists have led us to believe so! If they can do it, you can do it too!

So what are you waiting for? Showcase your own version of your beloved Izuku Midoriya in the comments section below and shower your favorite green anime boy with some love before Season four of My Hero Academia hits the TV in October 2019!

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