Top 5 Arcs from Bleach Series That You Must Watch

Top 5 Arcs from Bleach Anime Series That You Must Watch

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Bleach is another one of the most beloved shonen anime. Compared to Naruto, there is much less talking and more fighting in Bleach. Ichigo does not believe in Talk-no-Jutsu like Naruto so he fights. Before anyone is triggered let me say that I’m not saying Naruto is bad or anything. I am just comparing.

Well that aside, from my above description you can guess that no matter the arc, there will be awesome fights in Bleach. So I love all arcs but, some are above the rest. Spoiler warning for any of you who have not yet watched/completed Bleach. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Fullbring Arc

Yeah, I know many people don’t like this arc and I admit I am not a huge fan of the first half of this arc either. But I love this arc because we get to see post timeskip appearance of so many characters and they all look so damn cool. Another reason why I like this arc is that Ichigo vs. Ginjo is just Ichigo flaunting his strength and growth.

I really hate Tsukishima and Ginjo but the fight between Ichigo and Ginjo is just awesome. You can clearly see how much Ichigo has grown since the start of the series in this fight. He is calm, he clears off smoke blocking the view, he effectively uses intimidation against Ginjo and his overall skill with the sword has gotten much better. And let’s be honest guys, we all love those tattoos his soul reaper form gains after this arc.

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Ryoka Invasion arc

The first major story arc in the series. This arc sees the attempts of Ichigo and his friends to save Rukia. So much happens in this arc. Ichigo gains his Shikai and subsequently his Bankai, it is revealed that Aizen is a traitor, Rukia is spared, Ichigo’s hollow side is revealed, and a lot of fights. Not all of the fights are awesome, some are there just for fun but it still has a lot of fights.

This arc has 3 major fights for Ichigo, 2 of which lead to a major increase in his power level. The fights I am talking about are of course Ichigo against Kenpachi, Renji, and then Byakuya. He deepens his bond with Zangetsu during Kenpachi’s fight and then acquires his Bankai before the fight with Byakuya. There are a lot of things going on in this arc and it is the first time we really see what the series is capable of.

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Thousand-Year Blood War arc

I had to mention this arc as the anime is coming really soon. This arc would have been number 1 if it wasn’t for all the convoluted stuff that happened in the end. I don’t blame Kubo for it. Poor guy had to rush the last parts of this arc yet he tried his best to end the story as quickly as he could. I really wish the anime shows us the full version of this arc that Kubo originally had planned.

This arc of course follows the comeback of the Quincies under the leadership of Yhwach. This arc again has so many things going on, destruction of Soul Society, murder of the Soul King, death of so many characters, the revelation of Ichigo’s true powers. It is a long arc and would have been longer if it had the proper ending but I love this arc nonetheless.

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Hueco Mundo arc

This arc takes place alongside the Fake karakura Town arc. It sees Ichigo and his friends going to Hueco Mundo to save Orihime. This arc has 2 of the best fights in the series, one of which is my personal favorite. Almost all of the fights on this arc ate awesome even some fights without Ichigo are good. Kenpachi vs. the 5th Espada, Nnoitra for example.

Ichigo’s fights with Grimmjow and Ulquiorra take the cake though. The Ulquiorra fight is my personal. That fight is the first time we see the full strength of Ichigo’s hollow half. He is just in a Vasto Lorde form yet he completely overpowers an Arrancar easily. It is an arc full of amazing stuff.

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Soul Society Invasion

This arc sees the return of Aizen and Gin to the Soul Society and the real Karakura town. This is by far the shortest arc in the list and hardly has 2 fights. Ok, Gin vs. Aizen isn’t exactly a fight so this arc only has 1 fight. It doesn’t even have all the story content like the other arcs.

That begs the question, why is this arc on number 1? Simple reason, Ichigo looks the best in this arc. This arc features a grown-up version of Ichigo with longer hair and a more developed body. He looks a complete badass. Even though the fight against Aizen was short, this arc is every bit worth revisiting just because of the sheer drip Ichigo carries in this arc.

Well, those were my picks for the top 5 arcs from Bleach. Let me know down in the comments what you thought about it down in the comments. Bleach is a really cool anime; you really should check it out. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check our awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!


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