Solo Leveling Episode 6 Was Epic! Best Episodes of the Week!

Key points for The Best Episodes of the Week – Winter 2024, Week 6:

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of Solo Leveling’s pacing, but Episode 6 delivered intense action, dark tones, and a significant character moment for Jingwoo that I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • I really appreciated the wholesome and gentle nature of A Sign of Affection Episode 6. Itsu’s confession to Yuki, and the heartwarming reactions from the characters, made the episode stand out.
  • Ragna Crimson Episode 17 concluded the Zora and Taratectora vs. Ragna, the Silverware Princess, and her army conflict. The action and character development in this episode were praiseworthy.
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 6 showcased its unique and unpredictable nature. Rishe’s badassery and the exploration of Arnold’s character led to some impactful moments that kept me engaged.
  • The character development in The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 Episode 6, especially regarding Ichikawa’s progress with social anxiety, was well-executed. The episode’s ending, hinting at a confession, left me intrigued for what comes next.

Yes, the title is there for a reason. I think I have made it quite clear that I wasn’t a huge fan of Solo Leveling’s pacing. The slow pacing was kind of ruining the show for me. A lot of the “meaningless” sections could have been made shorter or cut down outright. It did have some good moments here and there and it was still fun to watch. But I think everyone can agree that Solo Leveling Episode 6 finally delivered what we all wanted from this anime and it was awesome.

That is not all, of course. I think we may have had 2 pretty big moments in both of the romance animes from this season. The moment in A Sign of Affection was made quite clear while in The Dangers in My Heart Season 2, it was only implied. Regardless, both episodes were great. Ragna Crimson went from one strong fight to another with a rather unexpected twist near the end of the episode. And of course, 7th Time Loop continues to be impressive.

There is a lot to talk about from Solo Leveling Episode 6 to Ragna Crimson Episode 17. Let’s just get started right. So welcome back to another edition of this series. It is the 6th week of the winter 2024 season and here are my favorite episodes of the week!

Ragna Crimson Episode 17

This episode finally gives us the conclusion of Zora and Taratectora vs. Ragna, the Silverware Princess and her army. Taratectora is finally defeated but instead of dying quietly, he decides to go out with a bang, literally. Ragna and the princess combine efforts and do their best to contain the explosion Tara let out when he self-destructed. All the while Zora is having a mental breakdown over losing his friend. Still, Ragna and the princess manage to contain the explosion. And the princess acknowledges Ragna’s future self, having seen his memories,

They were finally having a good moment. Ragna is happy that someone actually survived fighting alongside him, But the happiness is short-lived as Kamui arrives at the scene. Ragna was forced to use his SIlverine arts at some point prompting Zora to summon Kamui. We only get a tease of what their fight will be like in this episode but I already can’t wait to see more of it. Amazing episode, with lots of action and one very good character moment for Ragna.

A Sign of Affection Episode 6

So let’s contrast that high-paced action-packed episode with something very wholesome and gentle. And this anime never fails to make me smile. I think that this episode once again made me realize how well the characters in this anime are drawn and how much I like this art style. Of course, last week’s episode was pretty big as well with Yuki and Itsu growing closer than ever before. But well, guess what, Itsu was leaving for a foreign trip again and before leaving, he finally confessed to Yuki.

And of course, Yuki accepts without a moment of hesitation. The reactions to this news were golden. Yuki for a moment didn’t realize that everything that just happened was true while Kyouya and Rin were left in a complete state of shock. In this episode, Itsu also told Kyouya how he felt about Yuki, and what he was saying was rather deep. I appreciate that conversation a lot, the relationship between both brothers is portrayed well.

7th Time Loop Episode 6

This anime just cannot help but be different. Every time you think that it will fall into a typical cliche, it does something different. Theodore was all confident that he captured Rishe and was blackmailing Arnold with her as the hostage. Of course, Arnold knows her and so he was confident that she’d escape, And sure enough, that is exactly what happened. I think we at times forget just how much of a badass Rishe is.

Still, this episode gave us another look into what kind of man Arnold is. I don’t know what he plans on doing but he keeps himself detached from his surroundings because he doesn’t plan on staying long, if you catch my drift. That is why Theodore did what he did. Arnold plans to leave everything to him and disappear. And of course, as his little brother, Theodore doesn’t want that. So he wants to do everything in how power to stop Arnold. This was a very impactful episode and certain moments did hit hard.

The Dangers in My heart Season 2 episode 6

I just talked about this anime in detail so I will keep this short. This episode was a massive leap for Ichikawa’s character. It did a great job of portraying how someone with social anxiety reacts when they are forced to speak in public. I’ve been there so that part of this episode is very relatable to me. This single seemingly minor moment is a huge step forward in Ichikawa’s character development.

And then, of course, there is the ending. The ending of this episode was perfect, Yamada turned down a confession from someone else alluding to her feelings about Ichikawa. And well, I think Ichikawa finally confessed. It is strongly implied that something like that happened near the end of the episode but we are left hanging. So we’ll find out next week what truly transpired.

Solo Leveling Episode 6

As I mentioned earlier, Solo Leveling Episode 6 is everything I wanted from this anime. It was dark, gritty, jam-packed with some cool action, and edgy as hell, Stuff like this appeals to my monkey brain and god damn it, this episode was amazing. The action was well-directed, and Jingwoo looked really intimidating and cool in this episode, as he should. I am not sure what he realized about the system in this episode but for a good minute, he was going on about using the system and the system using him and stuff.

I do feel like JIngwoo’s remaining faith in humanity and naivety all faded away in this episode for good. It was a cool character moment for him when he killed one of the guys as well, It was just a really good episode. Again, just as I said, everything I wanted from this anime was in this episode and more and it was glorious.

That is all for now!

Those were my favorite episodes of the week! Let me know which episodes you enjoyed the most in the comments. I will take my leave here, it quite late at night here. See ya and good night!

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