Yuuji and Todo Cooked! Best Episodes of the Week!

Key points for Best Episode of the Week – Fall 2023 Week 11

  • Yuuji and Todo vs. Mahito steal the spotlight with their amazing animation and creativity.
  • Frieren Episode 14 delivers a heartwarming focus on Fern and Stark, adding depth to their relationship dynamics.
  • Goblin Slayer II Episode 10 showcases character development and world-building, emphasizing the party’s camaraderie.
  • The Apothecary Diaries Episode 10 reveals Maomao’s father’s identity, promising interesting implications for the plot.
  • Shield Hero Episode 10 closes the Fallen Heroes arc, exposing Itsuki’s vulnerability and hinting at potential relationship growth between Eclair and Ren.

Another great week for anime. Sadly, I wasn’t able to check out the new episodes for all the anime I am currently watching, this week as I was incredibly busy. But there were still some amazing episodes this week from what I watched. Anything I miss from this week though will be mentioned in the next week’s article. I know there have been a lot of issues with JJK Season 2 production but I have to say, Yuuji and Todo vs. Mahito was just amazing.

That is not all though. We finally got to see what Itsuki has been up to in Shield Hero Season 3. Goblin Slayer Season 2 had a pretty good episode as well. We finally learned the true identity of Maomao’s father in the apothecary diaries and Frieren had a really sweet episode featuring some nice character moments between Ferna and Stark. It will be fun to see how their relationship blossoms throughout the remaining episodes.

So while Yuuji and Todo vs. Mahito has been the highlight of the week, this week was no slouch in terms of episodes and we have plenty of good stuff to talk about. So welcome back to another Best Episodes of the Week article and it is the 11th week of the Fall 2024 season. Let’s get started.

Frieren Episode 14

This episode was so sweet. Fern and Stark’s character dynamic has always been entertaining. This episode focuses on them solely so it got even more time to shine. Also, at the beginning of the episode, Fern with that massive pout looked adorable LOL. The way she and Stark made up and how Stark picked the present for Fern were all great segments and small things like these add a lot of depth to the relationship dynamic.

Also, Sein has been a great addition to the main cast. I hope that he stays with their party a little longer. He and Stark have quickly become bros and Fern sees Heiter in him so she goes to talk to him instead of Frieren when she and Stark had a fight. Such a nice and sweet episode.

Goblin Slayer II Episode 10

I love the ending to this episode. It is pretty much Goblin Slayer just barging in and saying “Did anyone say Goblin?!”. I mentioned in my review that I really appreciate how much the party has grown closer throughout the series. And it was very apparent in this episode. The High-Elf Archer and Priestess had some fun together while the guys had a pretty good conversation over some drinks, as we do. To me, this episode embodies everything Season 2 is about. Character development and world-building.

On the world-building side of things, we got to see a little more of the country’s workings. We got to see how important the Guild is to the country and how important the training program started for new adventures by the guild is. I appreciate that the training program is brought up again. It really hammers home its importance. The next few episodes should be fun as we will likely get some great action out of those.

The Apothecary Diaries Episode 10

The last few episodes had been foreshadowing this but, we now finally know who Maomao’s “father” really is. We know why he is so skilled and why he lives in the conditions he does despite his skill. This revelation should have interesting implications for Maomao herself going forward. This episode did a great job of showcasing her character overall and I am very curious to see how her father’s identity will affect her going forward.

That is not all though, as this episode also gave us more info on how things work inside the Palace. We finally got to see the head concubine of the kind and the importance she holds. Jinshi continues to get goofier every episode and he even got scolded by Gyokuyou in episode LOL. It was a fun episode with interesting future implications for the plot.

Shield Hero Episode 10

The Fallen Heroes arc is finally coming to a close and we finally know what our last hero had been up to. And I don’t think anyone was surprised to learn that Malty had been poisoning his mind as well. How could you trust her after all the BS she has done in the past? I get that in Ren’s case, he was very vulnerable emotionally when she struck but Itsuki? Guess he did have a very fragile ego.

I feel bad for poor Rishia. I don’t know why she respects someone like Itsuki so much. She is still hellbent on bringing him back. It will be fun to see Itsuki get his a$$ beat by Rishia in the next episode. Bro really said that it would be an “easy win” when he saw Rishia step into the Colosseum arena against him. Now, those two aside, I love the subtle relationship growth between Eclair and Ren. Great episode, all things considered.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 20

Man, Yuuji and Todo vs. Mahito was wild. I still that the animation quality doesn’t match the Yuuji vs. Choso fight but the creativity on display in this episode is well worth commending. Todo is extra as hell as always and was doing some wild shit as he and Yuuji continued to beat the hell out of Mahito. Todo also helped Yuuji recover a bit from everything that had transpired in the arc. As extra as Todo is, man is also very intelligent, he accurately assessed the situation and made a proper judgment in a short time.

And then there was also that moment between Mechamaru and Miwa. Mechamaru really did love Miwa, I think his feelings for her went a little beyond love. In his final moments, the only thing he wished for was her happiness. I didn’t care about Mechamaru much till now but this event really brought a tear to my eye.

That is all for now!

That is all I got! Those were my favorite episodes of this week. Again, I wasn’t able to watch every single episode this week so the list is a little skewed. Either way, let me know your favorite episodes from the week in the comments, and I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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